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Robin Williams and Koko the Gorilla were friends. 

I’m on Lexicon Valley with a cute but sad story: 

In addition to many millions of humans, at least one other primate is likely mourning the loss of actor and comedian Robin Williams today. Koko, the gorilla who communicates in a modified version of American Sign Language and is said to understand even some spoken words, filmed an ad campaign with Williams in 2004 to raise awareness of threats against gorillas. The video shows their first meeting, where Koko asks Williams to chase and tickle her, steals his sunglasses, and rummages through his wallet. (Read more.)

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which part of california has the most cute boys?

the bae area


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when u like the boy but ur friend is prettier so he likes her

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send this to ur crush without context

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i told my mom i was gonna exercise and she laughed at me

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why is James spelled with an s. why is it plural. more than 1 Jame. how many James.

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the look on their faces though. its like “omfg, charles. charles, charles. THE HUMAN IS WAVING. WAVE BACK, HURRY.”

omg cutest ever


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